Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The day before I gave birth,my doctor told me " if you think you have given birth, the hard part is over and now you can rest, your wrong because motherhood is a never ending cycle, and now the real task begins."

When I was in my first trimester, is when I even started realising the hardships our moms must have gone through to bring us all up and also the the sad days when we threw unnecessary tantrums and hurt their feelings so much.And to prove my doctor right,we haven't releived our moms even after having kids ourselves.

As a person who used to snore away as soon a car started moving,I now can't think of sleeping because of my little girly.She's a year and half old now and has not only given me the absolute pleasure of realising the dream of being a mother but also every day is a new day filled with learning experiences.Looking back, all I can think of now is how hard I prayed to have a her.

Celebrate motherhood!

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